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To check our availability and book directly into our diary, please visit our FACEBOOK page.  An appointment request will be sent directly to us.  Thank you

We wish you a Merry Christmas


So here we have all three of our Christmas Sets.

The Sets are designed to cater for a variety of ages.

- Fireplace Set Shoot: For Childre  aged  2+ years

- Tent: For Children who are able to lie on their front and hold thier head up.

- Window shoot: Baby aged between 6 - 14 months.

We hope you like them. The Shoot and 3 digital images is only £50!

The shoot is 30 minutes long which will allow sufficient time to capture your child in a variety of positions and capture their excitment for Christmas. We do ask that your child is dressed ready for the shoot on arrival otherwise the changing time will eat into the length of the shoot.

Our terms and conditions apply. Please see our T&C's page.

If you would like to book, please click on the 'book now' button to find a time and date best for you. Please note that the full amount is due upon booking.  Once paid the appointment will be confirmed.

click here to BOOK NOW

Payment is required upon booking and then the appointment will be confirmed.

We also offer Christmas Card Packages


10- A5           £14.99                   A6 £12.99

20- A5           £26.80                   A6 £22.20

30- A5           £36.00                   A6 £29.40

40- A5           £42.40                   A6 £34.00

50- A5           £46.00                   A6 £36.00

If you would additional effects on the cards such as snow etc, then please add £5.

Includes white envelopes. Plus £2.95 delivery where applicable.

Also, if you wished to order prints or further digital images, then you can literally buy from oyur website and they will be posted directly to you.  Just click on buy and follow the instructions.

Happy Christmas