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Commercial and Corporate Event Photography

So you have a business, or you may be starting a business. You have a fantastic product/service and need to get your company out there.

Photography is a key way to make sure your brand is instantly recognisable and to get your potential customers wanting to find out more about what you do and how you do it.

In today’s society, especially on social media platforms, people don’t read posts that contain paragraphs of writing. It’s the photograph that catches their attention and when their attention is caught, it is only then they begin to read the writing.

So have imagery that captures the audience is vital. Leave the audience wanting more. Why not book in with us for your free consultation as to how we can get you noticed which in turn increases profits. That’s what business is all about at the end of the day. Branding, Business and Money Earning.

First hour – £155 and £90 per hour thereafter

Half day – £250

Full day– £400 

Fees are subject to VAT and parking / mileage Corporate Photography, which includes head-shots, portrait shots and website imagery will be priced on an individual basis due to the various factors that have to be considered. The above prices are for the photography an basis post editing. Post editing will always be priced on an individual basis due to the requirements of the client