Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What does the shoot include?

A) We try to detail our photographic shoots in as much detail as possible as to what is included and the duration of the shoot.  However from time to time we run special offers and things may change. All information will be provided.

Q) Are you mobile?

A) No.  We are studio based for the majority of our photo sessions.  All our sets are designed and structured at the studio.  The only time we are mobile are for our wedding, commercial and location shoots.  We do not do home visits for baby, child and portrait shoots.

Q) Do I need to pay a deposit and if so why?

A) Yes- always.  As you can appreciate our time is valuable and due to the high volumes of work, we are unable to take any bookings without a deposit.  The deposit is a way of securing our services and also showing your commitment to the photography you have booked.  

Q) Are you prices negotiable?

A) No.  We feel that our prices are below or in line with the standard rate for photographers.  With not being City Centre located, our overheads are cheaper and therefore pass that saving onto our customers. 

Q) How many can come to the photo session we have booked?

A) We try and keep this to a minimum for a few reasons. One being that the sessions is not noisy, interrupted or loud.  Two, the more people present the more distractions caused and three being for our own security reasons.  

Q) Can you send the images to us sooner than the contract states?

A) We always try and deliver on or before the time stated however, the time allocated is the time period you should expect the images.  Chasing us up prior to this will only cause delays.

Q) What happens if the shoot overruns?

A) In certain circumstances this can happen. And it is not always a problem depending on bookings and requirements. 

Q) How soon shall I arrive prior to the shoot?

A)  We allocate time slots for our customers with a small break in between to allow for a change over and people leaving and arriving.  We normally ask for 10 mins prior to the start time (depending on the shoot booked) However, we can only allow a 10 minute late arrival time on the basis that other customers have their allocated time slot to adhere to.  

Q)  If I'm late, do I still get to have the shoot?

A) If you are more than 10 minutes late and you have failed to inform us of your late arrival, then the shoot will be cancelled and the deposit is not refundable.  As you can appreciate, we have time slots to keep and other customers to attend to.  However, if notification has been given 10 minutes prior to the start time, then your deposit will be transferred to the rearranged shoot.

Q) If I have paid for a special offer shoot and miss the appointment. Can I re-book without paying again?

A)  If there is any availability left, then we can try and rearrange however if there is no availability left then unfortunately not.  Special offers are run and have limited availability.  No refunds will be granted due to missed appointments. 

Q) Do new customers get discount?

A) No. The fees are always stated on the desired shoot you require. However we do operate a reward system in which discount is applied for returning customers of recommendations.

Q) How come I didn't receive a response immediately as my enquiry was urgent?

A) We are sorry to hear that, however due to the amount of enquiries we receive and the work we do, we operate a 48 hour response time within working hours.  

Q) Can you pencil that date in and then pay next week?

A) No.  We have made it clear that no booking will be confirmed without a deposit.  We cannot hold a date for you until you get paid.  We operate a first come first serve basis and we have to be equal to all our customers.

Q) How come your seasonal shoots are so cheap?

A) We are glad you asked this.  We feel that photography should be affordable to all. We offer such reduced shoots on the basis to allow everyone to purchase them.  The cheapness of the shoots is not a reflection on the quality of our work but merely our kind gesture to our customers.  

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